Product Crush: Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising falls into my "why didn't I think of that?"  bucket. In a day and age where most of us are more incline to use our iPhone's over an actual camera to capture photos, it just makes sense to invent an app that takes your pics "off your device, and into your life." That's their line, not mine. Sigh.

artifact uprising.jpg
lu iphone.png


All you do is chose your product. They offer photo books, post card packs, calendars and plain and simple prints. They even have an option to accommodate your Instagram pictures. From there, you upload your photos from your device, arrange, and submit your order.

I don't know about you - but I have an abundance of pictures on my iPhone that just sit there (well they might be on the Cloud too - but I don't really know where that is). If you've ever tried to print your iPhone pictures, I am sure you share my discontent with the quality. Disgruntled iPhone photogs rejoice! We now have a good solution to bring our previously virtually-stranded memories to a more tangible place in our lives! And, perhaps I will give myself permission to erase a few of my 2,000+ photos from my iPhone. Ahem, not a chance.

Here is a little video to help explain more about this awesome service!

Photo credits: Photo 1: Artifact Uprising. Photo 2: Me, You & Lu. Photo 3: Artifact Uprising