Black Friday, Grey Rugs

Yes, I participated in the Black Friday frenzy although this year in a slightly different fashion. Typically, my family spends Thanksgiving in Chicago which means that my mom and I make our annual trek to Old Orchard on Black Friday to brave the bitter cold and whipping winds in order to take advantage of the best shopping day of the year. This year, we stayed in Pittsburgh for the holiday and the thought of fighting the crowds at our local mall didn't seem as appealing.

Luckily, what I was searching for this Black Friday wasn't a mall find anyway. I was on the hunt for a few good rugs. After painting our entire first floor Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Grey, the rugs in the foyer and living room just weren't striking an aesthetic balance anymore. So I sold my green trellis rug on Craigslist, and dragged the white shag rug downstairs, where I hope to eventually use it again when we refinish the basement. Someday.

Ah! A blank slate...but not for long. With 70% off at RugsUSA and 30% off at Lulu and Georgia I made my move. Here's what I bought.


trelis rug.jpg

Look familiar? That's because it's the exact same rug I used to have in the foyer, but now it's grey instead of green. Creature of habit? Guilty. It's a 5 x 8, flat weave that's PERFECT for a high-traffic area like the foyer. After applying my 70% discount code, the rug was mine for $117 and free shipping! #winning (ugh, I hate when people say that - sorry!)

Highball Rug, Slate_2.jpg

For my next purchase I surfed on over to Lulu & Georgia for this geometric wool rug. Although I was a frequent browser, I had never purchased from this online retailer before. Their rug selection is beautiful and unique, but the designs I liked were always more expensive than I felt comfortable with spending.  I don't like spending much money on rugs. We have a dog and I have (regrettably) ever-changing taste, and I know that one is bound to get the better of my rug choice in a matter of time. But, once I saw this rug, I had to have it. The metallic tones on top of a slate wool weave would be a perfect way to tie together the entire first floor! With a 30% Black Friday discount, the 5 x 8 rug was down to about $230. More than I usually spend, but this rug was special. Then, they tacked on a $40 shipping charge and I nearly got cold feet. Convinced that this rug was meant to be mine, I forged ahead and as I hesitantly pushed SUBMIT PURCHASE I wondered how have I become this person who winces at large purchases?  Then I looked over my shoulder and I remembered.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to sharing pictures once they arrive at the house in about 8 - 10 business days! Another Black Friday success!

PS - I also bought this "supreme" felt rug pad for the living room rug on Amazon. Since I am anticipating that the wool flatweave will not be overly plush, I thought I'd also indulge in a premium pad to cushion our step a bit!