It's beginning to look a lot like...

...February! I know...and I've waited this long to post about my Christmas decorations! I'm sorry! But let's be real here for a minute. January is a hard month to get motivated to do anything. Much less blog after the post-Holiday blues, my daily walk to work in sub-zero temps, and an unrelenting sinus infection that I am pretty sure I've had for the last 2 years. But enough about all the ways I'm feeling bad for myself lately...let's talk about Christmas!

This year was the first time in three years that I've actually been able to decorate my house. So decorate I did! I showed you a quick iPhone picture of the tree earlier, but here's a better one with more detail.


We bought the tree and a few yards of burlap (for the skirt) from a local garden shop, Robinson's. We wanted a skinny and tall tree, but ended up with a pear-shaped one instead. Isn't that always the case? I don't know if you are aware, but tall, skinny trees are like an enigma - I don't think they actually exist! Anyway, the tree we bought fit nicely, tucked in the corner of the foyer, and was a cheerful thing to see right as we walked in the door.


I outfitted the foyer built-ins with a little glitz hanging from each of the coat hooks. You may ask, now you can't hang up any coats. Right, that's exactly the point! I decided the foyer was going to be clutter free for the month of December. Hang your coat elsewhere! The first floor is much to pretty to be strewn with Northface fleeces and stocking caps!


On the other side of the staircase, I draped garland and ribbons down the banisters. My mom had the great idea to add old Christmas cards for a pop of color and personalization since much of my decor stuck to my comfort color palette: gold, silver, and white.


The built-in desk served as the holiday cocktail station since unfortunately the legs on my galvanized steel bar cart buckled and completely fell apart a couple of months ago. On a side note - how did this happen? It's galvanized steel! I guess I overloaded it with too many bottles. Jay launched into some nerdy steel-spiel, laced with words like tolerance, corrosion and alloys - but all I understood was that the bar cart was kaput. Luckily, besides some martini glasses - there was no collateral damage (i.e. - all wine bottles survived the crash).


The rest of the decorations around the house were garland and wreaths hung above doors and in windows.


I added a little sparkle in the mantle garland with twinkling white Christmas lights. I'd say about 60% of my decorating are hand-me-downs which means the pieces of the garland have seen better days. To help give the piece on the mantle a little more oomph, I added gold spray painted pine cones and magnolia leaves from the tree in the backyard.

OK, so what do you think about the stockings? These actually garnered the most attention of all of my decor. Comments ranged from "they look super luxe" to "they look like Big Foot's socks." Whatever they look like, they were $15 each at Target and they did the trick....for this year at least.

I spy a new rug! More about that later...

I spy a new rug! More about that later...


And look, the fireplace cover finally has tea lights to hold! Turns out my mom had 2 inch tea lights in her garage that fit perfectly into the cover. In lieu of an actual fire, lighting all of the tea lights was a perfect way to cozy up our living room. You may have seen that I posted a pic of them in action on Instagram this weekend!

After the Holidays were over I regretfully took everything down. Doesn't it always feel like you just put everything up when it's time to take it all down? The house feels a little naked now. Oh winter, you are so cruel! Two more months! Then we can start to Think Spring! In fact, last night I bought a Bonsai tree and a handful of mini succulents to add some green around the house. For whatever reason, they make me happy when skies are grey. Plus, I just read an article about the benefits of house plants to your mental health! Better stock up! I'll share how I am incorporating my house plants into the mix soon!