Progressive Dinner

Hello all! We've made it to Friday and I regret that I haven't had time to write anything for the blog. So sorry! Most of my efforts this week have been directed toward the planning of our neighborhood's Progressive Dinner.

I'm the Social Committee Chair of this event, and the planning is nothing short of insanity! If you haven't attended a progressive dinner the gist is: everyone attending meets at a chosen appetizer home (in my case, 55 people are attending this year), from there we randomly draw names for where people will split up to go to eat dinner (the dinner houses are pre-determined). After dinner, everyone comes back together again for dessert, to drink wine, talk about where they had dinner, what they ate, who they were with, and how lovely it was! It's really fun, and I whole-heartedly look forward to being a mere participant next year.

This is my second year heading up the event. Last year was organized chaos; however, this year I feel like I've gotten the hang of it.

I hope to have pictures to post after the event. Last year, I took zero pictures but if I had they would be of me crazily setting up food and bars, directing people to their appropriate dinner homes, setting up an unwieldy chocolate fountain, and conveniently splitting my dress up the side while picking up a case of beer, all while trying to maintain a genuine hostess smile. Ya know, just the usual event coordinator business.

Fingers crossed for a much smoother event this year :)

Have a great weekend all!