Decking the Halls: Prep

Am I the only one who feels like we just took our Christmas decorations down? Maybe it's because I did it in February, but nonetheless, this year has flown by!

While I plan to use most of the Christmas decor that I used last year (you can see all of those pictures here), what fun would that be without some new additions and yuletide tweaking?

So here's the plan.

  1. Stick to a color palette. Mine is a traditional red, green, silver and gold - but yours could be anything! I love how designer Emily Henderson has done a quirky black, white and teal color pallet in her recent Target Styling post. Plus, doesn't this living room sort of look like mine?

Ok, I said sort of!

Anyway, I plan to incorporate a lot of Emily's tips and tricks into my living room decor. Especially the classic black and white ribbon. So classy!

Image via Home Depot

Image via Home Depot

  • Spice things up with new additions. This year for me that meant finally investing in a few monogrammed stockings for our little fam. That's right, even Lu got her own stocking. I took advantage of West Elm's Cyber Monday sale (30% off of Christmas items and FREE monogramming! with the promo code 'PERSONALIZEIT' - limited time only - so get it quick!)
  • Exterior decor. I've already told Jay I'm expecting big things from him! He did such a nice job trimming the house with white lights last year that I just know he can outdo himself this year! In addition to white lights and a spotlight to shine on the house, I'd like to add wreathes to all of the windows on the front of the house (5 total), garland around the door, and a Christmas urn for the front porch.  These are some lofty goals!
Image via Antiqueaholics

Image via Antiqueaholics

  • Bring more green in. We've always opted for a live Christmas tree but have never taken the extra step to purchase live garland. I just love the authenticity and the smell!
Image via Style Blueprint
  • Design a tablescape. It's true. I don't have a dining room table and that makes me sad sometimes when I see all of the pretty tablescapes out there. Our kitchen table on most days only has two seats around it and pushed into the corner so it's out of the way - but damn it! - I'm gonna decorate that Docksta table! That's right, I'm breaking out the china, polishing the silver, and dusting off the Waterford this holiday season. Nobody puts Docksta in the corner!
Image via Style at Home  

Image via Style at Home


This weekend is finally obligation-less so I hope to put a big dent in my plans! Stick around to see how it all turns out.

Happy decorating all!