Do Work Sun

Step in to my office.


My home office that is. I've just finished painting, re-arranging, and hanging my "do work sun-burst" mirror on the wall. I've finally gotten to a point where I feel like I'm ready to share the progress I've made.

office 45.jpg

Despite it's size, I really like this room. It's in the front of the house (see house diagram here) and so it gets great morning and afternoon light.  Although I've deemed it "my office" our Mac lives here so Jay spends a lot of time in the office as well paying bills, playing with GarageBand, and making weird movies for the blog.

For the walls I chose Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter, and I'm still in the process of painting the baseboards Decorator's White (incidentally, it's not an easy thing to do with carpet!)

office 23.jpg

And no office is complete without a cheeky saying on the wall, am I right? This framed Party Rock Anthem nod was gifted to me by a sweet neighbor and friend.

office 3.jpg

On the wall opposite of the computer is my organization station. I like to make piles, but piles don't look good. So I bought a few Kasset paper boxes from Ikea to house all of my odds and ends.

By happenstance my black and white prints have ended up leaning on my storage unit. I have a horrible track record with gallery walls and so they may just end up staying this way. I sort of like the relaxed style.

Overall I'm happy with the new foundation for the room. It's a soothing place to get some work done.  Eventually, I'd like to find some ways to incorporate more color. I'm also not keen on the curtains (I'd like something less formal) and the lighting (I hate the overhead ceiling fixture and the floor light that we affectionately call the tampon lamp).  But it's a major step in the right direction from how it used to look before.

office 45.jpg