TV Music

Music has always been a very important piece of my life. I'm on a constant hunt for new or under discovered music. Lately, I've been finding it through an usual source - television commercials. Using my Shazam app or a simple google search, I'm typically able to track down the original artist behind some of today's latest commercials.

Most of you know I have an advertising background, so I'm especially in tune with television commercials. It gave me even greater pleasure to see that McDonald's, a client I've previously worked for, finally has a relevant soundtrack behind their Olympic spot. 

Here's a collection of recent (or at least semi-recent) songs that have caught my ear. 

BMW 2-Series Showdown Commercial: Findlay, On & Off 

Here's the link, the video is a little racy (NSFW) - but a great song none the less!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Commercial: Original Mix

.... but it sounds a lot like The 1975, Menswear

Kourtney and Kim Take Miami Theme Song, Brandon & Leah, Showstopper

Bravo's Gallery Girls Series Song, Deidre & the Dark, Classic Girl

McDonald's Olympics 2014 Commercial (ft. 20-pc McNuggets), The Wyld, Odyssey

I've loved these guys for a while, so it made me so happy to hear them on two shows.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Teaser, Ms Mr, Bones

NBC, The Blacklist Teaser, Ms Mr, Hurricane (video a little dark, but the song is good!)