Indoor Succulent Garden

Flowers are a luxurious but fleeting addition to any home. Over the last few weeks, when it seems like there's no sign of life in this endless winter, I searched for some freshness that would give my house more permanent color to remind me that spring is just around the corner.

I was shopping for paint when I noticed these teeny tiny adorable little succulents at Home Depot. I remembered a blog post that I had read on Young House Love about an "anyone-can-do-it" project involving living things! That's my kind of craft! So I scooped up 5 mini-succulents for two bucks a pop, and headed home to see if I could make this project happen.


First thing I needed was a container. Sherry from YHL has a cute terrarium, but I do not. Instead, I used the Water Lily bowl from Crate and Barrel. Next, I added a layer of gravel for drainage.


According to a couple of blogs I read, the next step is to add activated charcoal to help filter the soil and keep it fresh. Honestly, because my bowl is open (not closed like a terrarium) I think I could have skipped this step but I did it anyway. After searching high and low for activated charcoal (which is not the same thing you put in your grill), I finally I ordered some off of Amazon. Is there anything they don't sell? A couple of days later it was on my doorstep.


After that, it was a piece of cake. Just pop the succulents in, arrange them to your liking, and add potting soil around them.


I placed my bowl o' succulents near a window to soak up what little sunshine we get these days.


So far, I've only watered them once. I was told only to water succulents when the soil is very dry to the touch. After watering, I saw that some of the potting soil fell away from the previously individually potted succulents which you can see in the picture above. Since then, I added more potting soil and now it looks like these guys have been growing side by side forever!