January Birchbox Review

I really love samples. When I go to the mall, I go out of my way to make sure I can accumulate as many samples as possible. I'm also the kind of gal that swipes all of the goodies from hotels I stay in. I also rip out (and use!) all of the little packets of lotion or perfume from fashion magazine. In fact - I've never met a sample I don't like, because even if it's not exactly what you might buy, it doesn't matter, because you haven't - you've sampled.

Last month I decided that I would sign up for a Birchbox subscription. For $10 a month I get a box of samples delivered to my doorstep. Oui! It makes me so happy!

To share a little of my happiness, I thought I would review each of the items I receive in my Birch Box each month. *disclaimer: I've already told you I've never gotten a sample I don't like, but I'll do my best to be objective.

OK here we go, introducing the January Birchbox items! (we'll go clockwise here, starting with REVIVER).

Jan Birch Box.jpg
  • Reviver - This product claims to remove odors from your clothes or hair immediately! Sort of like Febreeze, except this product is a small, dry cloth that you swipe across yourself. It seems like it might be a useful product, but I can't think of any situation when I would actually use it. I don't smoke, I don't work out in the same clothes I plan on wearing all day, I don't work in a smelly setting (I'm thinking Starbucks, folks!). Even so, when I am feeling like I need a boost in the fragrance department, I typically have a roll on perfume to use. So, I'll file this sample in the "emergency stash" which resides in my office drawer...next!
  • 100% Pure Mascara - Now this I can get in to! 100% natural mascara tinted with black tea and berry pigments!  It even smells good! The tint of the mascara is almost purple-ish which is always my go-to color for eyeliner or shadow because of my green eyes. It's 100% natural and 100% vegetarian (not that you're going to snack on  your mascara or anything!) but, since I wear contacts my eyes are sensitive to certain cosmetics that dry them out. I'd consider buying a full-size of this one!
  • Origins Smarty Plants Complexion Corrector (CC) - I use Two-Faced BB creme on a daily basis and  swear by it, so when CCs came out I was sort of skeptical. I still am. I'm pretty sure BBs and CCs are exactly the same thing. By transference, I guess that means that I like CCs too.  My Birchbox Origins CC sample didn't disappoint. It gives a nice color and radiance, but not much coverage. It's February and I haven't seen the sun in 3 months....I need coverage! I'll keep this one on standby for June.
  • Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish - Yes, you read it right, it's color changing nail polish. What does that mean? It means that when you're inside you have gold glittery nails, and when you go outside you have red glittery nails. The color changes in the sun. But what it really means is that you are wearing a science experiment on your fingers and you're reverting back to your 12 year old self (think mood rings!) No thanks. I am taking it off....if I can ever get every-effing-fleck of gold glitter off my nail beds! My first bad sample experience!
  • No. 4 Lumiere d'hiver super comb prep & protect - I'm a sucker for hair products! I color, highlight, curl, comb, pull, brush, and break my hair! I think about the integrity of my hair follicles more than one should. In order to put my anxieties to rest, I buy really nice hair products that cost a lot of money. One thing I don't have is a spray leave-in conditioner with color and UV protection. For $32 this will definitely be an addition to my collection especially during the summer months!

I just got word that my February Birchbox has shipped! Review to come!