Whole House Color Palette

Do you believe in a "whole house color palette?" Making sure that a paint color for one room, blends well with the paint colors in the rest of the house is not something I used to get hung up on. That is, before I started reading design blogs. Now I completely subscribe to the notion that in order for a house to feel cohesive and have a good flow, the color palette should vibe with one another.

I think it's so important, that I started to get cold feet when deciding to repaint the first floor. There was something comforting about knowing that the contractor had painted THE ENTIRE HOUSE one color (dessert sand - see below). It happened to be a color I didn't love, but it was the same everywhere and I liked the continuity.

In order to get myself moving, I decided to outline my whole house color palette, so that I could visualize how the colors I chose worked with one another.

New colors:

  • Edgecomb Grey = the entire first floor and up the stairs to the second floor hallway is painted this color.
  • Revere Pewter = my office
  • Stonington Grey = the master bathroom (which I will be unveiling for you soon!)
  • Moonshine = the guest bedroom
  • Silver Fox = the accent wall in our living room. Because it reads purple in that room, I think I will be switching it out for Amherst Grey (see below)
  • Whithall Brown = first floor powder room

Old colors:

  • Dessert Sand =  the ALL over paint color that the contractor chose. The guest bathroom, the "lounge" and our bedroom are still Dessert Sand. Switching it out for a more "whole house color palette" choice is definitely on my list of to-do projects. Maybe La Paloma or Comfort Grey?
  • Toasted Oatmeal = the trim, baseboard and door color the contractor chose. I'm on a slow but determined mission to rid the entire house of this pinky/cream grossness in favor of Ben Moore's Decorator's White.

And the maybe colors:

  • Comfort Grey - Maybe for the guest bathroom?
  • Amherst Grey and Kendall Charcoal - Maybe for the accent wall in the living room?
  • La Paloma Grey - Maybe for our master bedroom?

I think what my paint choices have in common is a classic, muted, soft quality (actually many of them are part of the Historic line). I believe that walls and floors are foundations that should be more inviting in a home than intimidating. Although I love loud and vibrant colors, I've never felt quite right about those shades on my walls. I reserve pops of colors for pieces that can be changed out easily. I'm much too fickle to put trendy hues all over the walls.

So what do you think? Am I completely off my rocker with this palette talk?