DIY personalized door mat

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! In honor of our heritage, I thought I would share with you a DIY doormat project personalized with our* Irish last name.

* No, I haven't "officially" changed my last name from MacKenzie to Dundon; however, I do still say it's "our" last name and I've never been upset when someone refers to me as Dundon, instead of MacKenzie. I am very proud of my husband and his name - I just haven't gone through the bureaucracy of my making it my own. When will I? I have no idea.

Although MacKenzie might seem like a more "Irish" name, it's actually Scottish. In reality, Dundon is a popular Irish surname. Have you ever heard of Kevin Dundon, maybe the only popular Irish celebrity chef in America? Or the infamous Dundon gang of Limerick, Ireland (no real relation that I'm aware of - unless Jay isn't telling me something ;)

I had gotten the idea of personalizing our doormat from Pottery Barn, but didn't want to spend the money on something I thought I could do myself. And so I did.

I bought a plain doormat from Ikea for $10 and a stenciling set from a local crafting store for $2. I had a few paint samples left over from when I was trying to decide which grey to paint the master bathroom. The tiny sample of Benjamin Moore Metropolitan did the trick for this job.

Once I had my supplies, I carefully positioned my stencils on the mat.

I used stand-in stencils to help me plan for the amount of room I would need for the stencils I needed to use more than once. The "D," the "N," and the "1."

I did my best to keep the letters and numbers straight and in position as I moved along with my paint; however, no amount of precision was going to make this look as neatly printed as the Pottery Barn mats. I made my peace with that and continued.

Admittedly, I'm not a serene crafter. There's a lot of swearing, sweating, and general self-doubt in the mix. I'm inpatient and sometimes I want my projects to look awesome without a lot of hard work. That's just how I roll. But twenty intense minutes later, I had my finished product and I felt pretty good about it! At least the mailman will know he's at the right house.