February Birchbox Review

Feb Birch Box.jpg

It's back! Month two of my Birchbox subscription and I am slightly underwhelmed with what it had to offer. Let's start with the grey tube in the middle and work our way clockwise.

  • Dr. Brandt, Pores No More, Pore Refiner - the instructions say you can apply the pore refiner under or over your makeup. I opted for under. After moisturizing in the morning, I put a small amount of the refiner on my face before applying my bb cream. Apparently, it's supposed to absorb oil and provide a matte appearance; however, it's the dead of winter and it is dry! I need all of the oil my face can get, so it really didn't do my skin any favors. I guess I'm just the wrong skin type for this product.
  • Benefit Cosmetics, Big Easy - Another mattifying skin product! Uh, no thanks! I already have this matte look down - it's called dry skin and it's not pretty. Big Easy is a glorified bb cream, and I already have one that I love.
  • Benefit Cosmetics, Fakeup - I really like this stuff! Lately, I've been trying out a plethora of under eye makeup. I don't know if it's reality or my imagination, but I feel like I'm getting dark circles under my eyes. I sleep enough, I hydrate, I even use cooling under eye treatment, but for whatever reason, I feel like my eye area is where I've started to age first. Fakeup is a 2-in-1 combo of under eye concealer wrapped in a stick of moisturizer. Hydrate and correct under eye skin all at once! Genius! The one downfall to this product is because it is so creamy and hydrating, it sometimes causes your mascara to smear under your lower lids....and that causes a whole 'nother dark circle problem.
  • Agave, Healing Oil Treatment - Yes, yes, yes! Thank you Birchbox! You finally understand that it's February and I need oil! I've been rubbing a tiny bit (a little goes a long way) of the Agave Healing Oil treatment on my hair each morning before I head out the door. It keeps my fly aways tamed, and my ends hydrated and protected. I use it when my hair is dry since it's nice and lightweight, but you can also work some in to your hair before blow drying to keep it protected from the heat.
  • OPI, Sheer Tints in Be Magentale with Me - Top coat nail polish is sort of a waste to me. On the off chance that I have the time to give myself a manicure, I'm most likely not going to put a tinted top coat on too. Maybe a fast dry coat, but definitely not something that's going to make my dry time longer.

I forgot to mention it but last month's Birchbox had a couple of cute stationary cards included as a bonus. No bonus this time. What's up with that? Here's hoping March has better matched products for me!