Let's continue our stroll down memory lane, shall we? I must be feeling extra nostalgic these days because after talking about Omaha last week, today I'm reminiscing about our house in Indianapolis.

Jay and I lived in Indy for about a year and half and loved every minute of it. It's a young, fun town with lots to do. We lived just around the block from family and friends and only a 7 minute drive to downtown.

Our house on Blue Ridge Road was a charming stucco Tudor. I miss the awesome front porch, original window frames and the unique scalloped shingles. Whoever had lived in the house before had beautifully landscaped peony bushes, tulips and an abundance of spray roses.

Come inside, won't you?

The entryway leads into the enormous living room with the french doors out to the front patio.

The equally huge fireplace spanned the opposite wall of the windows.

I have to say, I miss being able to invite a large group of people over for football games. We could seat 10 people easily in the old living room. Not so much in the current house. I also really miss all of our Indy friends and fam - what up Indy!?!

This may sound like a blog post about all of the things I miss, but I swear it's not.

Guys, I really miss my dining room! I know the formal dining room (or the FDR as Jay calls it) are starting to lose their mass appeal, especially in open concept homes, but I have to say, it was nice to have a designated spot for my big dining table (that we picked up in Omaha), bar, and china cabinet.

You want to know where all of things are in our new house? Either sold on Craigslist or in the basement collecting dust. We just don't have that sort of room. We have different kind of room. Like large kitchen room.

Which this house did not have. It had a teeny-tiny little kitchen tucked in the back of the house. If I had my druthers with this house, I'd knock down some walls and steal some space from that huge dining room to expand the kitchen. It's not my house - but it could be yours - because it's currently on the market.

Here's the virtual tour!

Moving right along to the upstairs. You'd pass a miniature powder room on the landing of the stairs. I mean it was tinnny! I don't think Jay could even stand up in there.

In the second floor hallway there was the original butlers pantry, which provided awesome storage outside of the full bathroom.

The only full bath in the house had zero closet space, only a little window ledge to put all of our necessities. Try finding blinds for narrow original windows like this. It's impossible. There was a lot of crouching and dodging those windows which just so happen to be front and center on the house.

Our house had three bedrooms on the second floor. The first was Jay's office.

The second was our guest bedroom/my office.

And the third was our giant master bedroom.

The master was right above the living room and mirrored it's dimensions. We also had a lovely fireplace, even though we never used it. Not even once.

As my Dad pointed out over the weekend, most readers just look at the pictures on the blog, so I'll spare you a "here's what I learned" or "wrap-up" paragraph and just say I really loved this house and hope someone else will too. Somebody go buy it!

In our new house, we pay homage to all of the places we've lived with a little collection of framed art created by local artists. OK, I think I've gotten all of the sentimentality out of my system for now.