Hallway Update

This hallway project has been hanging out there for a while. I let you know a while ago that I was working on updating the small, but highly traveled second floor landing. The baseboard and doors needed to be painted white, the walls needed to be painted Edgecomb Grey, and the outdated, builders-grade sconce was begging for a more refined look. Well, I completed about two-and-a-half of the three things.

Let's take a look.

Sorry for the yellow picture (I had an old incandescent bulb in the sconce) but you get the idea. The doors were cream, the walls were beige, and mostly importantly, they weren't working with the whole house color palette.

My first project should have been to prime the doors, but I'm a glutton for punishment and I skipped straight to painting them Decorator's White.

Guys, when am I going to learn it's not OK to bypass primer? 

I went through an entire gallon of paint to get the front and backs of 5 doors completely covered. Sheesh!

It was worth it though. You can see in this picture how very yellow the trim looks compared to the white door. Now I just need to find paint stripper or mineral spirits to get the paint off of the doorknob. I haven't gotten to the bottom of what knucklehead decided to paint just one of the original doorknobs, but I am hoping I can undo their mistake.

Now that the doors are white, I moved on to painting the walls Edgecomb Grey. In the picture above you can see to the right of the door the wall is Edgecomb, and to the left of the door it's still the old beige color. I still have spots to touch up (which is why I said this project is about 75% done) but I made sure to finish painting the wall before installing the new sconce.

Jay had to do a little spackling since the old sconce cover was larger than the one we planned to install. What? Don't you use old credit cards to smooth out spackling paste? That Jay, he's a pretty resourceful guy.

In a second, when I show you the final product, you'll notice that the fixture Jay is installing above isn't the same one that we ended up with. That's because I thought I'd be thrifty and buy a sconce from Ikea for $19. That turned out to be a very bad decision. The fixture was poorly constructed, flimsy, and barely shed any light.

So I went to Amazon and bought this fixture instead. I love the antique nickle and textured glass. It's industrial and feminine. Plus, it throws A LOT of light which is much needed in this space.

Here is a shot with the light turned off. Isn't it stylish?

Please divert your gaze from the top of this picture (I need to get the ladder is finish painting), but otherwise I'm happy with the way this space is coming together.

Obviously the hallway is not the most riveting place in my house, but maybe with the addition of an interesting runner and a small piece of art, the hallway will be a little more than just a thoroughfare.