Jill's Bridal Shower

In less than 75 days, my little brother is getting married. It has made my family a bit emotional (as evidenced by my mom's toast during the shower) that Matt, the baby of the family, has grown up and will have a wife soon. Lucky for us, he's chosen a great girl, Jill. It was such a pleasure for my family to host a shower for her in Chicago a few weekends ago

The theme was "Jill's Favorite Things" and so we outfitted her favorite restaurant, Caro Mio, with peach, peonies, chocolate covered pretzels, and champagne. We also quizzed Matt on Jill's favorite things and then had Jill guess what he said. They only matched about 50%..oops, but it was funny to hear their guesses! They are a sweet couple!

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us! It was so nice to meet Jill's friends and get to know her family better. Only a few short months until the BIG DAY! See you all soon!


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