How to prepare you garden for frost

This is a weird time of year. One day you're putting the A/C unit back into the window (ugh, more about that later!), the next you're arguing with your spouse about turning the heat back on. I won, I always do.

The temperatures have been fluctuating in our neck of the woods. In fact, this week, we had a frost warning which really made me mad because I had just gotten all of my flowers in the ground. So what's a girl to do? I thought I'd share my quick and easy method to ensure you're flower garden doesn't die before it's even started to flourish.

(PS - these pictures were actually taken last spring during the frost. Happens every year!)

1. Bring what you can inside.

Any unplanted flowers, potted herbs, hanging baskets, etc should come inside for the night. If we had a garage, that would do the trick, but since we don't they sit right in the foyer, typically with plastic under each to protect the floors or built ins.

2. Water your garden before the frost

This seemed counter intuitive to me at first, but by watering your garden, the soil will release moisture into the air around your plants keeping them warmer during the night when the frost typically occurs. 

3. Stake out the garden

I used cheap, 10 inch bamboo skewers throughout the entire garden, but specifically right next to the flower blooms. Why? Proceed to step 4.

4. Put your garden to bed

Before dusk, cover the garden with a protective, insulating layer. I used an old sheet, but you can also use newspaper, blanket, burlap, etc. - anything light weight to keep the heat in. Next, I simply laid the bed sheet over the frame I've created with all the bamboo skewers. The stakes keep the sheet from crushing the delicate flower blooms and the slope should help any condensation to roll off the plant, instead of freezing.

5. Wake up and take it all off

This is important. You've gone to all this trouble to cover your plants, but when the sun comes up the next morning, you need to get the sheets off so that you don't suffocate the plants.

With a little prep and some luck, your garden shouldn't be any worse for the wear.

Happy gardening everyone! I'll be back soon with new pictures from this year's garden picks.

Spoiler alert - it looks pretty much the same.