Kitchen Trends

A couple of weeks ago I read this article about 10 kitchen trends that are here to stay. I thought I would put my kitchen to the test to see what elements I'm "on-trend" with, what I could improve on, and what I just plain disagree with.

Let's begin.

#1: Open shelving

To some degree we have open shelving if you count glass door cabinets and the shelving that is above the refrigerator. Glass cabinetry is not for everyone though, and I have to say, I'm a little OCD about the way all of our plates, glasses, mugs etc are arranged since I know that they are on display. Luckily everything matches. I registered for all white every day place settings and serving ware so on most days, or days when I empty the dishwasher, I'm really happy about the way things look.

But completely open shelving like this, would be pretty great too! Minus the dust factor.

#2: Two Color Cabinetry

I insisted on the two color cabinetry when we were designing the kitchen. The dark wood cabinets had already been ordered by the contractor before we expressed interest in the house so there wasn't anything I could do about that (...more on that in a second), but to lighten up the room I asked that the island cabinets be painted white and I think it makes a big difference in the overall appearance of the room.

#3: Tile to the ceiling

Shucks! In retrospect, I wish I had done that. On the other hand, I already had maxed out my allowance on the tile budget and ended up having to pay out of pocket to get the glass tile that I had my eye on anyway. File this one under...maybe someday.

#4: Brass fixtures

Brass no. Cooper yes. We have a cooper pot filler, custom range hood, farm sink, and sink faucet. The contractor really likes cooper, and so did I, until I realized just how finicky of a metal it is. I'm talkin' high maintenance - as in - don't leave ANYTHING in your sink or it will get stained. I feel a blog post coming on....

Anyway, with the exception of the farm sink and the range hood, the other "copper items" are actually brass, with an antique copper finish. Ya know why? Because brass isn't finicky. Let this be a lesson to all y'all - back away from the copper farm sink. Ceramic is the way to go.

I love how Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere incorporated the brass trend in her new kitchen. More of her pictures here.

#5: Wood counter tops

We really debated on this one. The contractor had initially budgeted for a butcher block counter top on the island. I fought hard for granite on all surfaces. I won. But if I had thought for a second that adding wood counter tops wouldn't make the room look even darker, I would have done it. Since that wasn't the case, and I feared everything in the kitchen was going to end up brown, I chose lighter/whiter/brighter options at every opportunity.

Although I am very jealous of Dana from House*Tweaking and her walnut island. It's gorgeous and a nice contrast to all of the white that she has in her home.

#6: Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

I think we can put a big fat check mark next to this one. All of our floors are original to the house and have been restored/reclaimed/refinished for the last 100 plus years. The hardwoods definitely give the kitchen, and the entire first floor for that matter, an authentic rustic feel.

#7: Neutral Painted Cabinets

This is a big one! Can I tell you that I think about painting my kitchen cabinets daily? Like every. single. day. Really,  I do. Not that I don't like the wood tone, but like I've said over and over again, sometimes it feels dark, especially with the dark floors and copper accents.

If I knew I would love it and wouldn't feel anyregret in painting the cabinets - I'd hire someone to do it tomorrow. In my mind it would look like this (with tile going to the ceiling too!)

But then the voice in the back of my head says, "They are REAL, custom made, QuakerMaid cabinets. Do not mess with them!" And then I get confused and the saga my brain. What do you all think? Please feel free to give me your opinion!

#8: Contemporary Wood Fronts

Well I suppose mine are contemporary in that they aren't outdated, but I think "contemporary" means more like this. Mine are more traditional.

Contemporary is lovely - but not right for our house. Moving on...

#9: Less or No Upper Cabinets

Luckily this is a "trend" because we have very few upper cabinets. Not because it's "trendy" but because there's no mo room! In fact we only have ONE upper cabinet that has real doors (as in not glass doors) so that I can hide all of the weird plastic cups my husband insists on collecting from every bar, vacation, and trade show. Like why does that need to happen?

Anyway, I had a bit of anxiety about the lack of upper cabinets, but lucky we have tons of space in the lower cabinets and very deep drawers too. Crisis averted.

#10: Ikea Cabinets

How about Ikea table and chairs? I've got that.

No Ikea cabinets for me, but I think they really have come a long way - reputation wise. Once upon a time it was an insult to say that a kitchen looked "very Ikea" - but these days, it's in vogue. Dana from House*Tweaking posts regularly about reader's Ikea kitchens and I have to say, I'm always impressed. Like this one.

photo via House Tweaking

photo via House Tweaking

So we missed the mark on a few, but the only one that I'm really hung up on is painting the cabinets. Send me a yay or nay! Please!

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