A quick catch up

Summer makes blogging sort of difficult. Weekends are spent outside, traveling, or trying to relax between events - not inside blogging, or even doing home projects for that matter. Two weekends ago Jay and I went to Kansas for a wedding, and this past weekend, I helped plan our neighborhoods Spring Fling.

Needless to say, this look back in pictures will have to suffice as a poor excuse for blogging.

Jay and I headed to Kansas for a friend's wedding. We flew into Kansas City, MO and made the hour trek to Lawrence, Kansas.

I have to be honest, I thought Kansas was going to be flat, nondescript farmland.

I couldn't have been more wrong. It is beautiful!

We stayed at The Oread Hotel, which is right on The University of Kansas campus. Saturday we took a stroll around campus, ran into Rock Chalk (my fave college mascot and the reason I pick Kansas in March Madness), and had lunch at The Bird Dog Bar and got ready for the wedding.

Sadly these are the only pictures I have from the wedding. I'm not very good at taking pictures at weddings (I try to just enjoy them!) and I get sort of embarrassed when I ask other people to take my picture. So this is what happens instead...

Sunday morning, we woke up and drove back to Kansas City, MO to explore. I was on the hunt for some authentic barbeque. We ended up at Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbeque. It did not disappoint! We both got sampler platters so that we could taste all that Kansas City BBQ had to offer. I think this would be the right application of YOLO?

We were also really excited to see Boulevard Beer is served everywhere in Kansas City! We grew to love Boulevard while living in Omaha, NE but can't buy it in Pittsburgh. So naturally we made up for lost time.

After lunch we drove around downtown and came across Kansas City Live - aka the Power and Light District which I'm sure was teaming with fun-loving people the night before. Sunday morning, not so much. It was deserted. Nevertheless, Jay and I plopped ourselves into some bar stools at Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant to kill some time before our flight back home.

So that was two weeks ago.

Last weekend, I helped to organize our neighborhood spring party - called the Spring Fling. You may recall, I helped last year as well. This year, he held the event it at Fern Hollow Nature Center, and although it is hard to tell from the photograph, the Center has a beautiful lawn with a pretty overlook.

The theme was "backyard party" so we used red gingham print, wildflowers, and tried to keep the overall vibe fairly casual. We served a BBQ meal (2 weekend in a row! phew!), beer, and wine. We had lawn games set up, a live band, and an ice cream sundae bar. All-in-all it was fun!

Plus, it's always nice to be able to take home some of the pretty flower arrangements.

So, that's what I've been up to. More house updates to come soon - I promise. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Have a great weekend - see you Monday!