recent household purchases

The Target and West Elm card got a work out this week! Here's what I got!

1: Ceiling fan: I'm going to share more about this addition in an upcoming guest room post (it's going to be riveting!), but for now what I will tell you is that this fan is a game changer! It's made all the difference in transforming the stuffy guest room into a more modern and temperature-controlled space. Love it!

2: Enamel servers: You know what I realized over the 4th of July? I never registered for servers. I've been living for 4 years without proper serving utensils and that's just plain inconvenient. I spotted some cute grey enamel fork and spoon servers on sale at West Elm and scooped them up. Here are more of their dining + kitchen sale items.

3: Saddle ottoman: Ever since my Etsy ottoman commissioning went south, I've been on the look out for something to put our feet up on when we are on the new couch. This ottoman was too high for the couch, but I kept it anyway. Oops. There has to be somewhere in the house that needs an ottoman!

4: Nattie red wine glasses: Wine glasses are probably the most utilized item in the house. I've always put them in the dishwasher and of course, we've had some casualties over the years. So I bought four more (at $4 a pop) to replenish what our dishwasher/granite/drunk friends have taken from us.

5: Mid century modern ottoman: Another ottoman? Yes another ottoman! I told you the other one was too high. This one is a better height but Jay called it too "matchy-matchy" with the couch and so the jury is still out on whether this will be a permanent fixture in the house.

6: Every 8.5" bowl: A perfect bowl for pastas and salads. I have about one thousand white serving trays and only had one serving bowl. You need more than one. Now I have two.

7: Three-part rectangle dish: Jay accidentally chipped my original glass serving dish (he was doing the dishes so I must not complain). No worries, I bought myself another one. This is a great piece for entertaining - perfect for dips and spreads.