Don't have a cow!

A couple of weeks ago I told you all about the dining nook in the kitchen. Since then I've given it a little more thought and came up with this rendering.

Any for all your PETA enthusiasts, don't worry the hide is a by-product of the farming/meat industry so get off your high horse - or cow.

There are a number of things that have to come together for this brainstorm to actually happen. What I thought would be one of the easiest changes to check off the list, the rug, has proven to be another customer service NIGHTMARE!

My plan was to order this White and Brown cowhide rug from


But when it arrived, it looks like this.

OK, so back it went. That's clearly the wrong rug. It's the Hereford. From there, I waited two more weeks for the correct rug before sending an email to the company at which point they informed that it was actually back ordered for another 2 weeks. Well that just made me mad. Waiting more than a month for something I paid for upfront and was guaranteed "fast shipping" makes me start to morph in a customer service lunatic - spouting phrases like "better business bureau," "zero accountability," and "supervisor now!"

So when I spoke with this supervisor, I requested that I be sent a similar rug that they had in stock and NO I was not going to pay the difference in cost!

That's how I ended up with the Brazilian Salt and Pepper Brown rug which should look like this...

or this... but I'm not holding my breathe since this company is pretty ridiculous and very hard to trust!

I would have loved to cancel my entire order and find the rug somewhere else, but after searching high and low, this site might have the largest selection at the best price...if you're prepared to wait a month and loose your mind!

Hopefully I'll have more to report soon...when the cow comes home ;)