Sun, Rum and Lizards

I'd say this is how Jay and I looked the majority of our trip to St Thomas. Happy, sunburnt, and slightly intoxicated.

At the start of the trip we weren't sure that would be the case. Hurricane Cristobal was making it's way through the Caribbean on the very day we landed on our vacation. The open air airport was soaked as Jay and I moved through the locals wearing head-to-toe panchos, looking as stunned as we were. A cold and rainy day on St. Thomas?

That night we sat at the hotel beach bar as the grey waves came crashing on to the floor. We tried to keep an optimistic attitude, but we both had flashes of being swept away to sea, never to be heard from again like something out of a Dateline episode during our perfect summer vaca.

Luckily that night the worst of the storm blew over the island, and the next afternoon the sun came out and it looked like this!

What a difference a day makes. To celebrate, we drank a lot of Voodoo Juice from our refillable rum buckets that we happily toted around with us to the beach and pools.

PicMonkey Collage st thomas.jpg

The next night we decided to splurge and go to a restaurant called Havana Blue. On the way there, we stopped for an impromptu photo shoot.

OK, so anyway...Havana Blue was awesome! I had the Mojito Glazed Tender Skirt Steak with cilantro and chorizo mash. Oh my god. It was so good. Unfortunately, Jay decided to order a few tapas dishes, and looked longingly at my amazing entree.

Other nights we would head to one of the hotel's terraces which over looked the Charlotte Amelie harbor to drink wine and watch the boats come in.

One thing that really surprised us was that the island is literally crawling with lizards! They are everywhere, just soaking up the sun! We even saw a five year old girl swinging a lizard by it's tail (which we do not endorse!) while her father stood nearby, distracted by his cell phone. Apparently they will bite, but as evidenced by this picture, they would rather just run away, or jump off a balcony, to get away from you and your unruly children.

Besides the lizards, everything was truly beautiful. Lush trees, vibrant flowers, and the crystal blue water that is indicative to these islands.

We were really sad to have to leave, but felt that we had had a very long and restful time. It may not seem like we did much - because we didn't. We sat at the pool. Swam in the ocean. Read lots of books. Drank wine and rum. Ate. Listened to music. Did the ice bucket challenge. Woke up early and slept 12 hours a night. It was what we needed.

I took this picture from the plane and am having it blown up to frame somewhere in the house. I will call it, "goodbye paradise!" ;)

In case you're ever looking to plan on St Thomas vacation, here's what we did.

Bon voyage!