First Trimester Catch Up: Part 3

Ah! Part 3 which means The End.

December 1 – 19 – I don’t even remember these three weeks of my life. I’m pretty sure I was semi-comatose week 9 – 11.

December 22 – I’ve been waiting for you week 12!  Today I go to my second prenatal appointment. I’m so happy to learn that the doctor will be checking the baby’s heartbeat with a doppler. Up until this point, I was relying on symptoms and a pregnancy test as my only real indication that there was a human life inside me. But now you are real – and your heart is beating at 160 beats per minute. Fast! You are mine.

December 24 – Christmas Eve! My family is back in town and I have two blissful weeks of rest! No work. No commute. Just family, relaxation, sleep, Netflix, food, and more sleep.

December 27 – I opted to have the first trimester screen performed which checks for chromosomal abnormalities through an ultrasound and blood test. Jay and I wake up super early because I booked the first appointment of the day. We were both awestruck when the ultrasound image was projected up onto the screen. There was the baby. Flipping around. Heart beating rapidly. Bigger than I expected, and not cooperating for the ultrasound tech. Finally after walking laps around the room, coughing, and tipping me upside down on the exam table we get a good shot of your mug. You’re doing a headstand.

December 31 – New Year’s Eve. You’re not what you used to be. We went to our friends’ house that also happens to be expecting. We ate chili and watched TV. I was in bed by 10 p.m. Pretty late by my standards.

Second trimester.

January 5 – Back to work I go. It’s week 14. I’m officially in my second trimester and I’m feeling so much better. My bump is getting a little harder to conceal. I’m going to have to tell work soon.

January 8 – I have a one-on-one meeting scheduled with my boss. I’ve decided this would be a good time to let her know I’m expecting. Every milestone I feel myself wading deeper and deeper into pregnancy, which is exciting and only a little terrifying these days. I’m nervous to take this step even though I know I shouldn’t be.  My boss is a wonderful person and easy to talk to – I know she will be happy for me. I was right – she was.

A little later in the day I get a phone call from the doctor with the results from the first trimester screen. Both the bloodwork and ultrasound show that everything is just as it should be and no further testing is needed.

The second trimester has quickly brought relief in many forms.

So now you're all caught up! Thanks for reading and for all of your warm messages over the past week! It's meant a lot to me and Jay. 

Have a great weekend!