Welcome to my Crib

...sidenote, I wish that show was still on!

So now that we know it's a boy, nursery planning is in full swing. First thing's first. The crib.

I was really astonished to see the vast price difference in this department. I'm drawn to simple, clean lined pieces of furniture so it was no surprise when I pulled together a bunch of cribs that I liked that they all  had the same shape, but wildly different prices.

Once I established the style I was looking for, functionally I only had a few non-negotiables:

  1.  Adjustable mattress positions
  2.  Convertible to toddler bed
  3.  Conversion kit included

Bottom line, we don't need one more thing to spend money on these days, so whatever we buy needs to be all-inclusive.

That criteria narrowed our options down to three: Ikea Gulliver, Walmart Baby Mod Olivia, and Serena & Lilly Hudson.

With the exception of the Dwell Studios crib, all of the other cribs did have adjustable mattress heights and converted to a toddler bed, but they didn't include a conversion kit and that means they got nixed.

Ikea Gulliver

I first heard about the Ikea Gulliver crib through one of my favorite blogs, House*Tweaking. Dana raved about it (you can read her entire review here, and her experience converting it to a toddler bed here). I think its adorable, and for $99 it's a pretty enticing option.

Images via House*Tweaking.

Images via House*Tweaking.

Walmart Baby Mod Olivia

I had no idea Walmart had such a variety of cribs that are surprisingly very modern and very cute. I like the Baby Mod Olivia because of it's mid-century wooden base. Incorporating stained wood make the piece seem more substantial - and I like that, especially for a little boys room.

Image via Design Crisis

Image via Design Crisis

Image via Design Crisis

Image via Design Crisis

Serena & Lily Hudson

Essentially the Hudson is a lot like the Baby Modern Olivia, but with white, flared legs and round slats. Of all of the options I'm leaning toward the Hudson the most. I think it's versatile enough to mix into a variety of different styles of nurseries - which is great because I have no idea what else is going in there at this point.

Now for the more technical nitty-gritty specs.

For such a price differential, it's funny how similar the specifics of the cribs are; however, a couple of things jump out at me.

  • Of course the Ikea crib is going to contain fiberboard. Do they sell anything without it? The others are solid wood.
  • Ikea's crib only has 2 mattress heights = less customizable.
  • Ikea's crib doesn't include the toddler rail which I think is a nice option to ensure your child doesn't go tumbling out of their bed.

At the moment, I've landed on the Serena and Lily Hudson crib. But before I make the final decision I plan to pull together the other aspects of the room to make sure they mesh (finally I've learned my lesson). I have to say, this may be my favorite project to date! :)