Great albums

We're switching gears. I used to talk about music much more on the blog than I have in quite some time. Today I'm taking a look at some really good albums. Albums that you can listen to all the way through without having to skip over songs you don't like. I think that's pretty rare. Not all of these are new - but they are good! Here's some that made my cut:

Image via Huff Post

Image via Huff Post

If it's Saturday morning in our house, this album is playing while we're making coffee and doing the dishes. A rare album that we both enjoy equally. Now that's special! I'm a sucker for songs that ramp up half way through and harmonica - so done deal with this album! 

Sounds like: A mix of Dylan, Springsteen, Sting, and Rod Stewart. Weird I know - but you'll hear it. 

Favorite Songs: Under the Pressure (gets really good around 4 mins. It's a nearly 9 min song, so...), Red Eyes, Disappearing, and In Reverse (also starts to get really good at 3 mins in).

Like it? Keep going going to the Slave Ambient (2011) album. Best song: I Was There

Alt-J is coming to Pittsburgh in April and I cannot wait to see them live! I love the lead singers voice, and as a group they have an eclectic and harmonic sound that's just really easy to listen to. 

Favorite Songs: Breezeblocks, Dissolve Me, Something GoodBloodflow, Taro.

Like it? Their new album, This Is All Yours (2014), is pretty good too! Best songs: Left Hand Free and Every Other Freckle

This album came out last spring and I'm still not sick of it! Probably because it reminds me of warmer weather. I think we all know that Ray's voice is beautiful, but I think this album also does a wonderful job of incorporating various instrumental approaches. 

Favorite Songs: Lavender, Airwaves, Ojai, Smashing.

Tap into your inner-hippy. This album is trippy and full of synthesizers. I love it! 

Favorite Songs: Mind Mischief, Why Won't They Talk To Me?Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, Keep on Lying, and Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Can Control. You might also recognize Elephant. 

Sounds like: Every time I play Tame Impala Jay says, "I think you'd like this band called The Beatles." Lame joke but he's gotta point. 

Like it? Tame Impala, Inner Speaker  (2010) has some great songs too. Favorite Songs: It's Not Meant To Be (their best song in my opinion), Solitude is Bliss. 

Tame Impala songwriter, Jay Watson also in a member of Pond which shares a similar sound. 

OK, admittedly a girly album. You have to have a few of those. 

Favorite Songs: My Blood, Only You, Figure 8, Hanging On, Tessellate (bonus track) - which also happens to be an Alt-J song! See how this all comes around. 

Happy listening this weekend!