Nursery brainstorming

If design and aesthetic appeal wasn't important to me, and nursery decorating meant throwing anything I liked into the equation, this room would be DECKED OUT in elephants! Elephants everywhere! I love them. But alas, I'm trying to not to be overly thematic in this nursery, so here's what I'm thinking about instead.

Inspiration & Color


Good thing the baby is a boy, because I am having a major blue moment. I've seen it pop everywhere - Serena and Lily, Furbish Studios, and Lulu and Georgia and I cannot wait to incorporate it in to the nursery.

When deciding on the wall color, I was hesitant to use a shade that's nearly white. I thought it would be too sterile and uninviting, especially for a child's room. But, I bit the bullet and decided that what I really wanted was a bright, serene, and soothing retreat. Sherwin Williams Eider White fit the bill.


I'm loving some of the more tribal and ethnic inspired patterns like Hmong, African mud cloth, and Japanese shibori. Brands like Rebecca Atwood, Imprints and Indigo, and Serena and Lilly are putting out some amazing patterns this season! Mixing ethnic patterns will more traditional cable knit, and sheepskin should strike a nice balance.

And lest I forget the biggest purchase I've made so far, the beautiful vintage overdyed rug from Turkey.

Here it is out in the living room while we're currently painting the nursery.

Am I crazy to purchase a vintage rug for an infants room? Probably. But I got a good deal on eBay, and it costs less than a 6 x 9 rug at West Elm. So - in short - it's all good!

The rug itself is a little more green than the pictures online portrayed (ah the problems with internet shopping!), but I think it will be the pop we need. If not, flipping it over reveals a more subdued palette. A reversible rug! Now that's a good investment ;)

When you put it all together, it looks a like this.

The painting is nearly finished! I'll have real-live shots to share soon (with only a few elephants).