Hello! We're back after a nice little break in the Miami sun! The trip couldn't have come at a better time - just when I thought I was going to go out of my mind if we got more snow, or if the temps dipped below freezing again (both happened while we were gone!) Since we've been back it feels like Spring is trying to emerge, but ahhhh - Miami you were just what we needed! We read, swam, napped, and ate like kings! We'll definitely be back!

Here's a little recap:

Where we stayed:

  • Hilton Cabana Miami Beach - We decided to stay three short miles from the heart of South Beach. The Hilton Cabana iss located on 62nd and Collins - a much quieter and residential part of town in comparison. We felt like it really suited what we needed for a restful vacation: nice pools, comfortable room, relaxing atmosphere, and access to the beach. Not to mention that it was half the price of some of the hotels in SB. Each night we took a quick Uber toward South Beach for dinner.

Where we ate:

  • The Allison Bar - (located within our hotel). We had breakfast and lunch here pretty much every day. They delivered to the beach which meant I didn't have to move off my lounge chair while devouring a cheeseburger in my bathing suit. This pregnant lady has no shame. It was incredible.
  • L'echon Brasserie - (also located within our hotel). What it lacked in options, it made up for in convenience. Our last night in Miami, after we had stuffed ourselves silly everyday, we just wanted appetizers (and dessert!) It did the trick and the decor is lovely.
  • Meze Aegean Bistro - On a recommendation from my friend Andrea, we had dinner at Meze Aegean Bistro. If you love Greek food like we do, this restaurant doesn't disappoint. We ordered all of our favorites: hummus, warm pita, tabouli, souvlaki, mousakka! All were fantastic and just as we remembered them from our honeymoon five years ago. Jay enjoyed some wonderful red wine, while I calculated how many days remained until I can partake. 117 if you're curious. 3 months and 25 days from today!!
  • Khong River House - Our runner up (Greek is first) for favorite food is Thai. Another friend who used to live in Miami included Khong River House on her favorite restaurant list. Jay had the Laotian drunken rice noodles and I had shrimp pad thia. Most notably, they had the most delicious passion fruit iced tea that made me not even sorry I couldn't indulge in an pale ale.
  • Freddo Helado - Dulce de Leche on top of White Chocolate helado in a waffle cone. Ah-ma-zing!

What we did:

  • South Beach - We wandered around for a while before I realized a pregnant woman just doesn't belong here.
  • Lincoln Mall Road  - I could have spent much more time browsing through the endless stores and boutiques on Lincoln Road - but alas - Jay is not a good shopping buddy. I did drag him into Baby Zara where I fawned all over mini cableknit sweaters, seersuckers, and boat shoes for our little boy. You poor, poor boy ;)
  • Took selfies apparently!