Life Lately

Well hello there! Long time, no blog! The nicer weather always seems to usher in a jam packed schedule. We've been busy so I'm sorry that the blog has fallen off the priority list.

Here's what we've been up to:

House Updates:

The Stairs. We decided that our 100+ year old staircase was a bit of a slipping hazard in our house. Although they're beautiful, my mom and Jay both felt anxious about the thought of us (me) carrying a baby down the highly polyurethaned steps and falling. To avoid almost certain catastrophe, we decided to hire a carpet company to install a 2 foot wide stair runner.  I'm hopeful that this will still let the original beauty of the wooden stairs shine through while also making the house a little more cozy and definitely safer. I initially considered tackling this job DIY style (Pinterest convinces me I can do anything!) But after some thought, sometimes it's better to call in the professionals. Install is the second week of May. More to come on this soon!

Nursery. Jay has been hard at work priming and painting an old laminate bookshelf for the nursery. Originally it was a dark cherry wood laminate, so painting it a high gloss white has proven to be a time consuming project. We're hoping that coat 5 will do the trick.

We also bought the Rast dresser from Ikea which was such a steal! It fits perfectly inside the tiny closet in the nursery for extra storage that we so desperately need. Jay has already painted it white and I'm trying to decide which one of these Ikea hacks to employ. So many choices! Campaign style? Traditional? We shall see; however, Jay keeps on reminding me - it's going in the closet.

We got the crib! So now I've been collecting little things here and there for the nursery. Picture frames, throws, pillows, and art prints to name a few. It's slowly coming together and I'm really loving the way it feels in there!

Pregnancy Updates:

I'm officially in my third trimester! All throughout my pregnancy I've been looking forward to spring because that meant the end was near. Nearly all of my friends who were pregnant at the same time as me have had their babies and that means - it's my turn soon! Insert frightened, lunatic, hormonal pregnant lady emoji here. There is still so much to do, and although I'm definitely over the hump, I still have about 2.5 months to get prepared.

Baby Care Basics. Speaking of being prepared, Jay and I attended a baby care basics class. Admittedly I thought I might not get much out of the class, but I was wrong! We learned a lot while taking care of this little baby doll for 3 hours :)

Preparing for Child Birth. But wait, there's more! We also signed up for a weekend-intensive preparing for child birth class at the hospital. That's right, a total of 15 hours in one weekend, deep diving into everything labor and delivery. We've heard mixed reviews on whether these sort of classes helped with the actual delivery, but bottom line is that I'm a planner. I want to walk through the hospital and orient myself with what I need to do, and where I need to go so that on the big day I'm not an overwhelmed psychopath who will inevitably blame every single misstep on Jay. That's not how I'd like to bring my first born into the world. So we pay $115 and give up an entire weekend. I think it will be worth it.

Jay and I have been making an extra effort to pack in dinners downtown (for the Pittsburgh people - we went to the The Commoner last weekend, and we're going to Nicky's Thai Kitchen this Friday) and date nights (we're seeing Marc Maron this weekend) while we can. PS - Also in that link is a funny bit on "prepared people" - so I know how Maron feels about people like me.

We know these sort of events aren't over for good, but will definitely be on a hiatus for a little while.  I think we're both starting to realize that the days of just being the two of us are numbered, and it makes us equal parts excited about the future, and wanting to cherish these next few months.

Now excuse me while I go get my hormones under control...