Mother and Son relationships

The relationship between a mother and a son is not a connection that I've thought much about until I found out I was having a boy. Of course I observed my own mother with my brother, but largely it's a relationship I'm unfamiliar with because I, of course, have not experienced it first hand.

As I started to read about how to raise a boy, it's become increasingly apparent how very fundamental my role will be in shaping a well adjusted boy, and eventually man. Not that I didn't inherently know this already, but the weight of this responsibility has only just settled in.

Here are a few links that I thought we're especially enlightening.

Why being a mama's boy isn't a bad thing!

5 tips for raising a boy.

Podcast: An honest look into a mother/son relationship via The Moth  - Side note, all of these 10 min podcast vignettes are very interesting. Highly recommend listening.

Podcast: The Art of Manliness interviews Dr. Michael Thompson, author of the book Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Lives of Boys.

Stylish and influential women talking about their motherhood experiences.

A Cup of Joe (a personal favorite blogger) reflects "On Having A Boy" and the apprehension she felt when she first found out it wasn't a girl.