... And I'm back!

Sorry about that kids! A week and no posts - geeze - what kind of blogger am I? Thanks for sticking with me and let’s get right back to it!


I could tell you why last week was kind of nuts, but instead I will show you. There are many house projects in the works, but really life just got in the way. This time in the form of a jury summons.

That’s right. I had to take a few days to report for duty. I am still somewhat baffled about how the county found me. I take a small amount of pride in being somewhat off the grid right now. I still haven’t changed my Indiana license, license plates or Voter ID card. Don’t judge me. So when the Clerk was reviewing what pools they draw jury summons from I wanted to stand up and call her bluff. Or at least be excused. No such luck.

Going to the city for jury duty reminded me that we rarely make the trip. We live about 20 minutes away and neither of us work downtown. We were city(ish) people for the last 10 years so being down in the hustle and bustle of urban life made me miss the energy and diversity. I guess Jay was feeling the same way because we quickly agreed that we will visit a new Pittsburgh city neighborhood each weekend. For someone who has grown up in “Pittsburgh” I really don’t know much more than the North Hills and parts of downtown. There is so much more that this city has to offer, so Jay and I will learn together, starting now. 

Last weekends neighborhood of choice was Highland Park.


My friend Emily told me about a restaurant called Park Bruges in Highland Park. With a pledge to not get upset if we got lost and to do our best to be patient with each others driving, we were off! It took us about 35 minutes to get there, but driving around the city helped Jay and I to understand which neighborhoods border each other. Once we arrived we parked on a side street and walked down Bryant Street. There was a 40 minute wait (they don’t take reservations), so we crossed the street and had a drink at a nondescript bar. What this unnamed bar lacked in atmosphere (and signage) it made up for in a surprisingly great selection of taps. East End Brewing Company Big Hop IPA for me. A Sam Spring Ale for Jay. We took in some college basketball and felt like a couple of real Pittsburghers.

Once our wait was up, we headed back to Park Bruges and ordered a round of cocktails. I had a Pimm’s Cup, and Jay had a Belgian beer called La Chouffe. Since I had already perused the menu online that afternoon, I was ready to order dinner. Moules frites, please! An order of mussels in a spicy green curry, cilantro and basil sauce arrived with a side of frites with aioli and french bread to mop up all of the saucy goodness! I was so delightfully happy that I barely recognized that Jay was equally as enthuised about his dinner; the Bruges Burger (he’s from Indiana, guys) The burger was topped with pulled short rib, gouda cheese, and green peppercorn mayo. We were very happy campers!

On a side note, Park Bruges’ sister restaurant, Point Brugge is in Point Breeze. After this fabulous dinner experience, I am sure we will be making a trip to that Pittsburgh neighborhood very soon.

Jay and I took Saturday to divide and conquer some home improvement shopping. I headed to Ikea to purchase items for my office collage and organization project (more on that to come soon). I tried really hard to stick to my list, but here are a couple of items I was crushing on and will hopefully be making their way to my cart soon.


When I returned home, I was greeted by a very loud drone coming from the basement. Jay’s Saturday afternoon purchase was a miter saw. And a haircut! Good for you, Jay!


Look how cute and excited he is! He’s even wearing safety glasses! Adorable. Much to my surprise, Jay informed me that he is putting together a “how to” video on miter cutting quarter round for baseboards. That’s right folks, Jay will be guest blogging in the very near future and with multimedia no less! So you have that to look forward to! 

Since we “worked” all day Saturday, we thought we owed it to ourselves to celebrate our heritage on Saturday night! Our neighbors had a Saint Patrick’s day party complete with Irish Car Bombs. Luckily this lad and lassie only indulgded in two bombs this year! I guess we’re growing up :)


After an exciting weekend, Monday was back to the grind. Jay left for a week of out of town sales calls, and I went back to work on a cold, rainy, and generally gross day. I was so grumpy and tired when I got home from work that I thought I would just climb into bed. But wait, what’s that? An Amazon package waiting for me on my front porch! The home decor and DIY blogging gods swooped in just when I needed them most to fuel me with some creative energy. Thank you Young House Love and Cupcakes and Cashmere

…and Chardonnay