Anniversary Eats


For our anniversary dinner, Jay and I went to Il Pizzaiolo in Market Square. We are big fans of their Mt. Lebanon location so we were excited to see that they had opened a sister-restaurant downtown. 

For drinks I started with a Pimm’s cocktail and Jay had an Amstel Light (eye roll!)

We ordered an Insalata Misticanza to share before our entrees. I am a pizza lover and so natually I ordered a Margherita DOC which was topped with an amazing tomato sauce, mozzarella de bufala, parmigiano, the biggest basil leaves you’ve ever seen and olive oil. 

Jay ordered the Cavatelli con Rapini which is a delicious cavatelli pasta topped with sausage, rapini, garlic, wine, pecorino and olive oil. 

Il Pizzaiolo offers “Vino Alla Spina” - which translates to wine on tap. Umm, why doesn’t every restaurant offer that? We ordered a Mezzolitro of Pinot Noir with dinner which served about 2-3 generous glasses.

And because it was our anniversary and we were going all out, we ordered a cannoli to share as well as a “digestif”. A Hazelnut liqueur for me and an Amaro Montenegro for my hubs. 

The dinner was great, but what I will probably remember most about the night is the “pepper incident.” Long story short, I found a small pepper in the pasta that I put on Jay’s plate. Not as a dare, or as a challenge, just to move it out of the way to make sure I didn’t accidentally eat it. But before I knew it, Jay bit right into that sucker and started writhing in pain. Just as this occurred, the waitress came over to check on us and saw Jay clutching is face.

She asks “You didn’t eat the pepper did you?” to which Jay, removing the napkin from his face, looks up and says “NO! I shot it in my eye!”

WHAT?! Somehow he shot most of the pepper juice into his left eye as he bit down. His eye was completely bloodshot and starting to swell. Now, people were starting to notice as his nose was running, eyes tearing and his whole face sweaty and red. He looked like he needed medical attention and this went on for 10 minutes! I know it was painful for him. I tried to help him the best I could - but these sorts of “accidents” are starting to become routine. 

He’s the guy who accidentally dropped his wedding ring down between the slats of the boardwalk on our honeymoon, who then a few years later (after finding it of course) cracked the same ring in half by using it has a beer bottle opener. There have been countless broken bones and injuries over the 7 years I’ve known him. 

I know you don’t typically make resolutions as part of Anniversaries, but I think ours will be to be more careful!