Fit for Fête!

Today is Jay’s 30th birthday! To celebrate, I invited all of his friends from Indiana to come surprise him in Pittsburgh. Seven were able to come!! It was a great weekend and really made me kick some of our house projects in to HIGH GEAR! Jay had no idea why I was being such a taskmaster, but in the end, it was worth it. The house looked great and  (I hope) everyone had a nice time! It was also an opportunity to show off the house to some of our neighborhood friends that hadn’t been over yet. 

The spread! Everything Jay loves most! Swedish Fish, Meat & Cheese, and white cake with vanilla frosting. 

Colorful balloons from the dollar store gave the kitchen a festive feel!

The new shag rug from Rugs USA was delivered JUST IN TIME for the party. I think it really warms up the room! 


The party in full swing! 

A very happy birthday boy!

A very relieved wife!

Thanks to everyone who made Jay’s birthday a very memorable weekend!