Friday Favorites: Blogs

Much of my inspiration is drawn from Home Decorator, Home Renovation, DIY and Career Bloggers. Today I thought I would share my favorite blogs which I rely on daily to spark some creativity in my world. 

  1. Ten June: Michelle, a professional by day and designer by night, blogs about the endless projects within her 60 year old home. With her “before” and “after” pictures, you get a great feel for how far her house has come since she purchased it. I could browse her DIY and “Makeover” project galleries for days! 
  2. Young House Love: I wish Sherry, John, Clara and Burger were my neighbors. They are sweet and quirky and their blog is helpful and oh so addictive! They have been blogging for over 5 years and I love to look back at what they did years ago and see how much has changed. I also have their book and flip through it constantly for ideas. 
  3. Cupcakes & Cashmere: Every time I read one of Emily’s posts I always say to myself, “Geeze she’s cute!” Her outfits, arts & crafts, and recipes are beautifully simple and photographed to perfection. 
  4. House*Tweaking: I love reading Dana’s witty and straightforward account of renovating The Underdog (their downsized home). She’s a great writer and has a keen eye for modern home decor. 
  5. The EveryGirl: The editors, Alaina and Danielle live in Chicago so immediately I felt like they were “my kind of girls.” Their site features profiles on career women (usually within the creative field) from all over the country. They also post home tours, tips for the modern working woman, and tons of creative fodder.