Friday Favorites: Fresh Market

I heard REALLY great news this week! The Fresh Market is coming to Pittsburgh! I have been missing this grocery store oh so much since we moved from Indianapolis. I love it so much that every time I visit friends and family in Indianapolis, I stop by The Fresh Market first to stock up on my favorites. 

If you haven’t visited a Fresh Market, you’re in for a real treat! Picture a high-end Trader Joe’s, without the snooty feeling of a Whole Foods. Fresh Market touts itself as a European market that feels rustic yet gourmet, comfortable but indulgent.  Classical music plays in the background while you shop. It makes you wonder: why aren’t all grocery stores like this? 

Since I love this store so much and in light of it’s impending grand opening, I thought putting together a ‘Friday Favorites’ for the products I adore at Fresh Market seemed appropriate. 


Yogurt Pretzels: My sister-in-law turned me on to these goodies! Fresh Market has huge barrels of different flavored yogurt-covered pretzels. Strawberry is my favorite, but they are all good and all very addictive! PS - You can buy them in bulk. Trouble! 

Flowers: Admittedly, I love any and all flowers, but Fresh Market always carries a different variety and assortment at a fair price. I find there is a major disparity in price between Giant Eagle (local supermarket) flowers and the boutique/independently owned floral shops. Fresh Market bridges this gap! 

Desserts: I know I sound a little bit glutenous, but check out the dessert case at Fresh Market. It’s like a dream come true. My favorite is the fresh fruit tart (available in a mini or party size). It’s fresh, light and delish. Bring it to a party or BBQ and you’ll be everyone’s favorite guest. 

Coffee: The first thing you’ll notice as you walk in the store is coffee aroma.They fresh brew their daily featured coffees for customers to sample while they shop. The varieties are endless but I usually gravitate to the seasonal flavors. Among my faves: Pumpkin Spice, Christmas Blend, and the Apricot Creme. 

If this rumor turns out to be false, please come check on me! I will be so upset!