Happy Friday!

Time for a cerveza! Well maybe not right now, but soon! 

So, do you remember when I told you that I was making infused vodka? Well, it turned out really well!

I was really patient and let my vodka infuse in the pantry for about 8 days. OK, OK… I kind of forgot about it. 

After the 8 days, the herbs in the vodka looked wilted and losing their vibrancy. I doubt that you’d want to let it infuse for much longer. The next step in the process was to strain the vodka. 

I used a pasta strainer, although, if I had to do it over again, I might use a paper coffee filter as well. The pasta strainer did the trick but a finer strain would be better. 

This is what this little homemade operation looked like. It’s OK to laugh…it’s kind of ridiculous. 

Once strained into a pitcher, I poured it back into the carafe. 

Looks a little like Echto-Cooler, huh? 

I popped the carafe back in the fridge overnight in order to get it nice and chilled. The next evening, I pulled all of my ingredients together to make a vodka tonic/vodka martini hybrid. 

I pulled a few more sprigs of rosemary and mint from the garden to use as a garnish and also to add more flavor into the mix. 

I squeezed 2 slices of lemon straight into the martini glass over the fresh herbs. Then, in a martini shaker, I mixed ice, a shot (and a half) of the infused vodka, and tonic water. Pour and serve! 

It was delish! Refreshing and perfect for summer. Who wants one?