Step by Step: The Steps!

The first feature you notice when entering our home is the staircase. They are original to the house and they are beautiful! But because they are original, they needed some major TLC. 

Here’s what they looked like to begin with:

Our contractors helped us out by sanding and staining them and they even agreed to painting the spindles and risers white, and staining the actual stair step to match the bannisters. Which got us to this step in our process: 

I love the dimension and the contrast it added but then we had our washer and dryer delivered which had to be heave-hoed up the beautifully restored staircase by some not-so-ginger delivery men. Since neither Jay or I are very good measurers, we got a washer and dryer that was a smidge wider than the walls of the 102 year old home could handle. As a solution, we had to remove the tops off of the bannisters and even so, they took some pretty big gouges out of the wall. Nothing a little plaster and some paint can’t fix. If only we could find the right paint color! I’m not naming names but….someone might need to get their eyes checked! 

Dad to the rescue! 

But while the bannister covers were off, I decided that they actually needed a make over as well. I, of course, decided to paint them white. 

It took about 4 coats of paint (lesson learned: primer is the answer) and some caulking but it finally came together. Here’s the end result!