The Gigglewater station


Jay and I like to entertain, so a bar cart is an essential part of our kitchen - at least for now - check back with us in a couple of years! For now, we try really hard to keep a stocked bar full of various libations just in case a visitor drops by. In all reality, on most days, we have one giant bottle of Woodbridge Chardonnay, Bulleit Boubon and a 6 pack of beer (if you’re lucky!) We’ve tried to get better to at least make sure we have a bottle of Pinot Noir for my mom and a bottle of Dewars for my dad since they are our most frequent guests (and have often put in a day of hard work on the house!

After last weekend’s shenanigans, we’ve found ourselves in a windfall of booze! Between my gross overestimation of the amount of alcohol we would need for the party, and the generous birthday gifts of bourbon/scotch/whiskey for Jay (his friends know him well), we’ve got enough to alcohol to supply our Happy Hours for years! 


But there is more to a bar cart than just the hooch. The most important element is finding the actual cart. I purchased my galvanized steel table from House 15143, a fantastic home goods store in town. I topped that with a mirrored charger, martini glasses and shaker, Kikkerland paper straws and a small glass bowl to hold my collection of matches and wine stoppers. As my cart was becoming full, it seemed like something was still missing to balance it out against the wall. So, I decided to hang a framed Andy Warhol print called “After the Party c. 1979” which I had my eye for a while and finally found an appropriate place for. Pretty cool, huh?


1: Bulleit Bourbon (Jay’s fav!)

2: Fresh Lemons & Limes 

3.  A Martini Set

4: Flowers Chardonnay (my fav!)

5: After the Party c 1979 - Andy Warhol

6. Kikkerland Paper Straws

7: Kate Spade Cocktail napkins ( I found mine at Home Goods for $4.99 - but you can get them online for $2.25 from Crane!)

8. Cute match books

9: Wine Stoppers (elephants for good luck)

10: Tiffany Rock Cut Bowl for matches and wine stoppers


PS - I have an affinity for words that have either gone out of style or are becoming extinct with the passing of time. I found the word “gigglewater” in a 1920’s slang dictionary. Isn’t it fun?