Think Spring

Happy 1st day of Spring! 

I know, it doesn’t feel like it’s the first day of spring, but I’m not arguing. I need some spring in my life! If you say it’s coming, I believe you. We had one teaser day of 60+ degrees a couple of weeks ago, and ever since then it has felt like cruel and unusual punishment to be dragged through the final days of winter. I’ve also noticed a lot of people concluding their work emails with the salutation “Think Spring” hence the title of this post. While I can’t get on board with cliche email “sign offs” I can begin to think about what I am going to do this Spring around the house. 

Please let me introduce you to the biggest project this house has in store for us.

Our backyard. 


Wowza! Are you screaming? You should be. That’s pretty scary. 

There are so many things wrong with this yard and so many let’s say….opportunities for improvement.

For one, can you get a load of that Magnolia Tree?! The word on the street is that the previous owner brought the tree from down south many years ago, planted it, and it has done really well ever since. I cannot wait to see whether or not it blooms this spring and I cringe every time I see its beautiful leaves covered with snow.


Seems pretty unnatural, but if the “Mag” (yeah I named her!) has endured all of these winters over the years, surly she won’t give up as soon as I move in. I hope not because I really love her. The leaves are green year round and she is truly a unique part of our home. I even have a little garden around her base to grow flowers.


Upon further research, the flowers will have to be shade lovers and have very shallow roots so that we don’t jeopardize the tree’s needs. She’s beautiful and high maintenance! I love her. 

Priority numero uno for the backyard is a privacy fence as high as the Borough allows or as high as we can afford. As you can see, we live very close to our neighbors. Not that we don’t want to be neighborly, but we think we’ll be doing our neighbors (on all sides) a favor by sparing them a front row seat to our backyard activities.  Not to mention, I’d rather not see the Saab that looks like it is parked in our backyard. 



Our current fence is chain link and is quite the eye sore, not to mention it’s not serving its purpose. Lucy has found a way to dig below the fence, far enough to get her face under it and pull the bottom of the chain link away from the posts. She’s not a very well behaved dog, but I do love her and I don’t want her to get out. The fence estimates start tonight at 6 PM - help is on the way! 

Second priority is to get this pond situation figured out on the double! 


Pretty, huh? No. No, it’s not. We’ve got a serious case of pond neglect to address. The contractor offered to take it out for us before we moved in, but I wanted to make it my project and so the pond stayed against my better judgement. I’ve watched a couple of YouTube videos on how to restore old ponds and with some hard work and patience, I think we can make it nice. We’ll see how that pans out. 

This is my inspiration. 


Finally, the last major priority is to make this concrete slab feel like a backyard oasis, or at least somewhere we’d actually like to hang out. I have visions of shimmery white string lights, a table and comfy chairs, a nice outdoor rug, burgers, beers, friends and my new pond trickling in the background. 


I have a long way to go. Here is a run down of my TO DO  list for the back yard:

  • Prune Mag the Magnolia tree (it has already been limbed so this should be easy)
  • Plant flowers/ground cover under Mag
  • Fence estimates
  • Fence install
  • Pond restoration
  • Cut back rose bushes
  • Buy outdoor table and chairs
  • Wash outdoor rug
  • Buy umbrella
  • Buy lounge chair

Wish me luck. I am going to need it!