Trouble with the Table

Jay and I “inherited” our dining room table when we negotiated a few pieces of furniture into the purchase of our first house in Omaha. We were so young when we moved from Chicago and had nothing to furnish a 3 bedroom house. That was 5 years and 3 moves ago. It’s showing signs of aging and it really doesn’t fit in our new house. 


Unfortunately, we don’t have a dining room. We have one big space that everything has to happen in. There is definitely space for a table in our kitchen, just not for the table we currently have. It’s working for now, but it’s definitely only a temporary fix. 


The space on the side of the kitchen is long and narrow. The only way the table fits is if we push it all the way up against the wall. When we have more than two people sitting at our table, we have to slide it out away from the wall and someone has to shimmy back there. It’s not good. 


To maximize seating and also kitchen walkway space, I’ve decided we need a long, lean, and modern table with clean lines and not much bulk. 

The rug under the table has seen better days, too. Years of vacuuming it on the low pile setting to get the dog hair off has left it looking worn out. I’ll most likely re-purpose it on our front porch.

Anyway, here are my ideas of new table and rug combinations. 

  1. Bamboo table with a bright and sunny trellis-pattern rug
  2. An expandable table with a grey dhurrie rug
  3. Modern white table with chrome legs and an ikat rug
  4. Reclaimed wood top and industrial legs with a geometric, pop of green rug  (I am leaning toward this table option - especially since I already have a bench that would match very well)

And while this all looks great on paper, I must admit, I’m having a hard time getting on board with spending money on a table. I guess I’ve never had to buy one before and so it seems…exorbitant. But alas, it needs to be done. 

I’m going to give Craigslist a few more weeks before I pull the trigger on a new table. Anyone have any other quality discount furniture stores (online or in the Pittsburgh area) to recommend?