Hey Jordan!

I figured putting the mood board and product links on my blog might be a little easier for you see. This page isn't linked on my site so no one else can see it unless they have the direct link ;)

Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think. I can easily add and delete pieces of this depending on what you want. These are just ideas - it won't hurt my feelings if you go in a completely different direction ;) It's just nice to see how things come together visually. You could do so many different things in your dining room depending on what sort of design aesthetic you're trying to achieve. I went a traditional route with some nods to the historic roots of the house but you could also add in pieces for a more eclectic feel. 

Links for each products are below the board in "The Products" section. . I've also given you some ideas on product positioning and sourced a few more economic alternatives in "The Details" section. We could also go look at Home Goods for similar items! 

The Look

The products

Click each image to visit the product manufacturers web site. 


  1. Belgian Curtains from Pottery Barn
    • Color: Natural (I'd recommend ordering a swatch before purchase)
    • Height: I recommend hanging curtains/drapes HIGH & WIDE. Hang the rod 4-6 inches above window casing, and allow 5-10 inches on each side of the window frame to allow the most light when pushed back. I like a tailored look, so I like my drapes to hit the floor with no pooling. 
    • Hardware: Antique Bronze or Cast Iron
    • Economic alternative: Linen Cotton West Elm Curtain in Flax
    • Position: I don't think you necessarily need drapes on both of your windows, but I like the idea of drapes on the front window. 
  2. Roman Shades from Pottery Barn
    • Color: Sandlewood (I'd recommend ordering a swatch before purchase to make sure it matches curtain/wall/etc)
    • I'd see if you could hang these shades in the middle of the front window to allow light through the transom portion of the window. I think you could get away without drapes on the other window and just do the roman shade for privacy. 
  3. Ceiling Medallion from Lowes
    • I love these medallions. I'm putting one around my flush mount fixture in my living room. It's brings in a cool antique look. 
  4. Chandelier from Lowes
  5. Paint Color from Sherwin Williams
  6. Shiplap Wallpaper from West Elm
    • I've never seen this in real life, and I can't find any reviews on it online, BUT it might be a cool alternative to the pricey Stikwood route.
  7. Linen Table runner from Sur la Table 
    • Brings in window fabric. Adds interest to wood table. 
  8. Pine Mirror from Terrain
    • chose this piece because it goes well with the chairs and the ceiling wall paper. If you end up going a different route with either of those, I'd also do different wall decor.
    • Economic alternative (but not by much!): Whitewashed Mirror from Pier 1 or Mother of Pearl Mirror from Pier 1
  9. Teak Boat Planter from Terrain
    • I love to have a house plant in each room. Succulents are awesome because they are easy to keep alive! 
  10. Porcelain pitcher from Sur la Table
    • Use for serving or floral arrangements 
  11. Decorative White Birch logs from Etsy
    • I couldn't remember if you had a functional fireplace or not. If not, this is a nice decorative touch to fill the void. 
  12. Cole Valley Accent Dining Chairs via Target
  13. Linen Lamp Shades from Target
  14. Gourd Lamp Base from Target
    • Wasn't sure whether you needed additional lighting. 
  15. Marble Pastry Slab from Amazon
    • Place on mantle or dining table to draw in grey tones from wall and kitchen. Use for serving or decorative.